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New space for online casino players. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Three-Card-Poker, Craps, Slots and more. Find out which online casinos are hot right now, which sites are offering the biggest bonuses, and share your casino experiences and tips.


Online Casino sites in Australia gives you the top rated legal casino and pokies sites that accept players from Australia

USA Online Casinos

Casinowhizz brings you the best USA online casinos for players from the United States. Real money casino gamblers can play blackjack, slots, video poker, and progressive slots at our online casinos in the US. The newest casinos in our reviews cover the top USA online casinos

Will someone lag in the platform of real casinos if he is just an online casino player?

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Online Casino Players Opinions needed!

Hey I'm a webmaster of online casino review website (won't post any links here, I know rules :P). I'd like to make my product as good as it can be with a little help of yours. Could you please answer some easy short questions to make online casino community a bit better and more pleasant for all of us?
  1. What country do you live in?
  2. Do you use casino review websites? Do you stick to some, or just google "best online casinos" everytime and choose one?
  3. What was the most important thing you want to find at casino review websites?
  4. When you choose from hundreds of similar casinos what is the point you look at?
  5. Do you pay attention to casino games providers? Share your favorite games/developers.
  6. What payment method is most suitable for you?
  7. Do you actually read text at casino review websites? Is it helpful?
Also, feel free to share your best/worst experience with casino review websites or ask me any questions.

Thanks in advance!
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Lf Online Casino Players!

Looking for all casino players! try our online casino po! 💲💲
✔Easy Cash in- Easy Cash out ✔Safe transaction ✔Cash out anytime ✔walang membership fee
Games: Baccarat❗ Poker❗ Sic bo❗ Dragon Tiger❗ SportsBook❗ Slot machine❗
Mode of Payment: 💰Gcash 💰Paymaya 💰 💰Bank transfer
kung Interesado po pero di marunong. No problem pwede kita i guide atsaka po may in game guide din po tayo.
feel free to message po para ma add ko kayo sa fb!
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Tips for Online Casino Players

Tips for Online Casino Players

After a long survey in the gaming environment and more specifically online gaming, we have identified a number of tips that you will need to make your game at online casinos enjoyable and above all more profitable than ever! It will therefore be wise for you to take a few minutes to read the tips and winning strategies that we are revealing to you here, before signing up for an online casino. Our advice will allow you to considerably extend your playing time and consequently improve your gaming experience at these online casinos which will hold no secrets for you and allow you to win a maximum of winnings!
Stay informed at all times
It is very important to know the game in which you are going to bet money. To do this, you will need to learn the rules of the game you are going to play, before you even start your games. It is not a question of rushing blindly into this jungle that is the Internet, flooded with very attractive online casino sites that will make you want to play directly and quickly.
It is indeed essential not to omit certain details linked to the games offered on the sites. These not to be overlooked details actually allow you to enjoy an optimal gaming experience and a better chance of winning big wins. It is therefore very useful for your future gaming experience, to take the time to read the articles, the rules and learn more about the online games that exist and that you might like, whether for slot machines. , video poker, digital roulette and all the other virtual games available today on these gaming platforms.
Don't go to any online casino
It is very important not to rush to the first online gclub casino that you meet, because, if these operators are more and more numerous, it will however be important not to confuse quantity and quality. So it will be really smart of you to poke around on the net and take the time to choose an online gaming operator that has a good reputation. Other selection criteria? Well try to turn to those who have been in the business for some time now, who offer the best payout rates to players, who use successful software providers, who offer the best bonuses, but also the latest games to success. These are certainly many criteria to take into account,
Find and don't let go of your ideal game
There are so many different kinds of online games that there is bound to be one concept those appeals to you more than another. It is therefore also important to choose the games you plan to bet on to pocket winnings and perhaps make ends meet while having fun.
We advise you, for example, to favor games like roulette, blackjack, craps or even baccarat which will allow you to easily and quickly optimize your chances of winning, even if the games which are most successful on this kind of platform remain slot machines and video poker.
Player reviews
Other players' opinions count for several reasons. Obviously it is always reassuring and useful to read what your peers have thought of their experience in this online casino but it is especially essential to do so because in order to increase your chances of winning and to “go home” pockets full of winnings based on your bets, you need to determine effective strategies when you play. To do this, the experiences and personal opinions of more experienced players are of great help. You can also find on our site a forum intended solely for this purpose.
Thanks to the exchanges that you can establish with the other followers of online casino, you can quickly understand and identify the inner workings and tricks of the games. The other members of the community and ourselves have been like you one day, and understand the need to be guided or enlightened during your first steps in e-casinos.
Start slowly
After having read a little and being well informed with professionals as well as other players you are ready to start! The world of online casinos is vast and you have before you a great adventure awaiting you. Hundreds of games with fantastic sets, more than real animations. We are doing everything to make your experience in online casinos a unique adventure.
Then we give you one last little tip, start slowly. Do not hesitate to play an hour or two in free version, in order to make your hand and master the rules of the games before betting real money.
Once you feel comfortable, wait no more: You are the dice!
Bonus = wager or wagering requirements
Many players enjoy playing online casino, because casinos offer welcome bonuses but also bonuses to practically all deposits if the player so desires. So it's great to receive a bonus but upon withdrawal will come surprises. When you agree to receive a bonus, you are obliged to comply with wagering conditions; this ranges from X20 to more than X40 bonus + deposit.
Example: You go to casino X which offers a 200% bonus on your deposit, you deposit 100 euros, you therefore receive a casino bonus of 200 euros, so on your player account you can play with 300 euros, in order to know the wagering conditions you must know the multiplier coefficient that the casino uses in our case the coefficient on 25:
100 (deposit) + 200 (bonus) = 300
300 (total balance) X 25 = 7,500
this means that to be able to withdraw, you will have to bet for an amount of 7,500 euros with the 300 euros in balance, this is quite possible and many players succeed, but when the player does not know these rules basics of bonuses, the element of surprise is never pleasant.
Maximum bet at online casino
Online casinos sometimes impose maximum bets, and this is to protect themselves because of the bonuses. Online casinos impose a maximum bet ranging from 30 to 50% of the deposit. So admitting that you win an interesting gain if during your gaming session you bet more than 30% to 50% of your initial deposit then your gain will be canceled by the casino, so be careful!
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Most countries of the world were hit suddenly by pandemic in the year 2020. Most businesses have been closed down, and no one knows when reopenings will be done. This does not leave out the live casinos. Which are also sharing in the spoils of the pandemic and have been closed down as well.As of May 2020, most casinos in Australia had been closed down by the government or owners have done so on their own accord. This has led many gamblers who are used to playing slot machines, cards and roulette. That cannot go out to play again to all of a sudden see online casinos as an alternative.This has led to an increase in the number of gamblers who are going into online casino games. Providers say that online casino games are a great alternative that can be provided as opposed to living casinos. Since then, they have reported some high spike in the number of people playing, and elevated revenues have been generated.Although online casinos have been in existence for quite some time. The year 2020 has witnessed a surge as there appeared to be a vast increase in accessible Australian real money online casinos. There was, however, a problem with the development as the rising number lead to a reduction in quality control.Players needed to skim through an incredible number of feeble web-based games to locate the ones that they find engaging and that additionally brings them significant genuine cash. Besides, it is hard to identify the particular online gambling club games that let you bring in real money and furthermore work from inside Australia.For choosing right one we need to be really informed and know some tips to make our online gambling experience better that's why u need to read more info and analyze.In that article can find a lot of useful info.
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Weird Things that Online Casino Player will Never Experience

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Casino Information Regarding Turning into a great Online Casino player

Any gambling establishment information with a fantastic level varieties to become extensive index to try to find differing types regarding details concerning on the web casinos. Over time, world wide web casinos have got noted any remarkable progress throughout the world. It really is by means of world wide web casino in which countless gambling lovers are usually to be able to take pleasure in many different gambling establishment game titles sitting down inside comforts of these own house.

Today folks will see a couple of forms of gambling establishment manuals. Out from the a couple of kinds, a single selection of casino information makes it possible to inside determing the best net gambling establishment web site through top quality critiques with the accessible web sites. This sort of on the web casino information is likewise beneficial inside providing you details linked to existing marketing promotions and also additional bonuses.

The next selection of net gambling establishment information will offer you basic advice on casino which includes suggestions and also techniques that may help you to get an overall information about the particular accessible game titles. In addition, it really is by means of this sort of on the web casino information you will be capable of understand the rules concerning each gambling establishment video game merging some other beneficial recommendations on bankroll supervision from it.

Significance of strategies regarding gambling establishment

Equally superior and also more advanced gambling establishment participants should be able to acquire aid coming from virtually any on the web gambling establishment information. Gambling establishment critiques kind being the main details within the gambling establishment information. These kinds of critiques give a excellent perception around the customer care and also game titles top quality related to the net casinos with the current time.

In case you are inside search for a gambling establishment web site that may match up your own personal gambling type next it'll be extremely crucial so that you can examine critiques. Fresh participants is likewise capable of acquire reap the benefits of any good any gambling establishment information offered inside the world wide web. Being a newbie, once you make an effort to enjoy diverse gambling establishment game titles on the web it is extremely crucial so that you can realize which usually gambling establishment web site is different being the most effective.

The particular reputation regarding diverse world wide web gambling establishment web sites usually ensure it is challenging with an beginner person to choose a right web site. This kind of is because of the opportunity regarding choosing the completely wrong web site that a lot of fresh participants favor to endure the particular gambling establishment information just before they will in the end opt for a web site. As a result, in order to help make your individual lookup much simpler next go for gambling establishment critiques and you may arrive at realize which usually gambling web site will be honest and also trustworthy. 카지노

With the on the web gambling establishment playing information you will end up provided with plenty of details coming from to effortlessly determine human eye each web site current on the web. That is when you're able to make certain undertake a wonderful time enjoying.

Gambling establishment information regarding First-time Participants

If you need to test your hands on the world wide web casinos, you need to have successful information on basic casino strategies and also suggestions. On this value, you have to know the particular game titles, principles and also every one of the considerable details in which includes up the essential techniques. As an example, if you need to enjoy blackjack, you will end up supplied with all the playing methods connected with this kind of video game in any gambling establishment information which includes some other connected guidelines.
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Top 6 Most Surprising Good Luck Animals for Online Casino Players - UK 2018

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Strategies to Becoming an Experienced Online Casino Player - NZ

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The Importance of HTTP to HTTPS Transition to Online Casino Players - NZ - 2018

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VIP - How to become a Very Important Online Casino Player - NZ

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What is important as a poker/online casino player?

I am working on a thesis on what is important for poker players, sportsbook and casino players online.
my question(s) is: - What do you look for when playing online poker? - What is important for you as a player? - sportsbook and casino games, what do you look for?
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Test for online casino players $.1/.5mins (No Quals)
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Any online casino players out there looking for a decent platform? I have a few suggestions and maybe you can also give some in return. TIA!

Hey guys, I figured that this place needs a little more sharing when it comes to online casinos. I know the growing number of channels out there can be very overwhelming for us (except for those who prefer sticking to tone casino only). I know how difficult it can be to track down reliable sites, and I want to use this thread to impart my knowledge when it comes to pinpointing the best platform and maybe throw in a few suggestions as well.
Alright, I’ll pitch in in a while. Anyone can get first dibs here.
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Horoscope March, 2017 for online casino players

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Any online casino players out there looking for a decent platform? I have a few suggestions and maybe you can also give some in return. TIA! /r/casino8

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Great offer for online casino players - Don't miss this

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U.S. Online Casino Player Takes Home $400,000

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Online Casino Bonuses: A Thorough Guide For New Players

Online Casino Bonuses: A Thorough Guide For New Players
What is a Casino Bonus?
Casino Bonuses are strategic amounts of real money that different online casino operators in Spain, America and around the world offer in order to increase the number of players on their websites. In order to access one of these bonuses, the player must register with the online casino that offers it.
Casino bonuses often attract gamblers with juicy offers, but releasing them means not only registering with the rigorous online casino, but also meeting a series of conditions that will vary depending on the type of bonus and the online casino chosen.
Fortunately we have a team of online casino experts who have taken it upon themselves to list the best online casino bonuses for you every day. Why waste time with dirty work when we can do it for you and leave you free time to play and WIN.
Bonus Types
For new players, taking advantage of the lucrative sign-up bonuses is absolutely crucial. There are many online casinos on the market and they are all competing for your attention. Online casinos are constantly providing bonus offers and promotions. Depending on the operator you choose, you will have the possibility of accessing one or the other of them. Next we will briefly analyze the four most common.
Welcome bonus.
Virtually all internet casinos or poker sites offer you a bonus for signing up and registering an account. The bonus is credited when you make your first deposit. This type of bonus is usually equivalent to 100% of the first deposit, although many times the amount is higher. In order to clear these types of bonuses, you normally must wager a minimum of times on certain selected games. This in a restricted time frame
No deposit bonus.
This is one of the most appealing rewards for players. Some online casinos will offer you a free money bonus with no deposit required. The value of these bonuses is not usually very high, and releasing them usually implies betting the value of said bonus a certain number of times in a certain period of time.
Free spins.
One of the hottest bonds today. More and more Spanish online casinos are offering free spins on slot machines as a way to attract players not only to their sites, but to certain slots they want to promote.
VIP or Loyalty Programs
These bonuses are aimed at conserving and rewarding those frequent players who bet higher amounts or who do so more regularly. This kind of reward generally includes the assignment of focuses for each game that the bettor plays in the casino. Once a specific measure of focuses has been reached, the player can trade them for different rewards. Players can also "move up" through the ranks, leading to more and better rewards.
Why should I qualify for a bonus?
‘’With numerous attractive sign-up bonuses, Spain online casino players can make the most of their prizes.’’
When you are going to start playing at an online casino, you should have as much money as possible in order to improve your prospects for victory. Welcome bonuses are the ideal answer to those who do not have a large starting budget, as it can increase your initial funds exponentially.
  • Increase your playing time.
!! Congratulations!! You have just registered at your preferred online casino and, thanks to that, you have a welcome bonus that will bring you extra money with which you can play for much longer. If you have a limited bankroll, an online casino bonus will provide you with enough money to extend the amount of time you have to play and therefore your fun!
  • Try new game modes.
Having extra money thanks to your bonus can also help you to try that new game that you have never bet on before. Sometimes the bonus release conditions make it necessary to play certain specific casino variants. Who knows, you may find your new most loved game.
If you are new to online gambling and looking for great opportunities in online casinos, you will find the best in the industry listed right here.
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How to Attract and Retain Real Money Players to Your Online Casino

How to Attract and Retain Real Money Players to Your Online Casino

How to attract new customers to your online casino?
Well, that’s easy. Just throw in a few hundred euros of no deposit bonus in their accounts. They’ll sign up, play to their heart’s content, and leave your website as soon as they run out of the funds you so wholeheartedly gave them.
Therefore, the real question is – how to get new players and keep them coming back?
Now, that’s a question whose answer is a little more complex. It is increasingly clear that there are only three things that matter when it comes to attracting and retaining new customers – technology, experience, and entertainment. Online casino players today demand a gaming experience that is more tailored to their unique requirement. They want online casinos to understand their likes and dislikes, and offer them experiences that appeal to them. Online casinos, for their part, are improving their marketing and customer retention strategies to achieve better sales and reduce customer attrition. Here are some ways the best online casinos in the business are attracting and retaining more casino players.

High Payout Percentages

Payout Percentage is the amount of winnings that the slots players can expect to make when they bet their money. Typically, payout percentages of good online casinos and casino games are usually somewhere in the range of 94% to 98%. When a gambler is playing at a slots machine with 94% payout percentage, he can expect to make £94 for every £100 he bets. Online casino players are always seeking highest payout casino games to wager at. After all, they are trying to maximize their wins. The higher the payout, the higher are their chances of winning big. Therefore, games with payout percentages of 95% and above from reputed game developers, renowned for their fairness are always in high demand. Casinos that feature such games are guaranteed to attract maximum new customers.
An interesting thing is that many online casinos advertise their payout percentages. Because of this, the casinos offering high payouts end up on lists like these. For instance, Dunder has established itself as one of the best and highest payout online casino in the industry. By routinely making it onto the top of such lists, Dunder attracts a maximum number of new players to its website.

True Random Number Generator System

When a player is pressing the button on the slots game at an online casino, there are no real reels turning at the back end. Whatever movement is happening on the front end is for the user’s entertainment only. In the back end, random numbers are used to determine what the final outcome of that spin would be. Although these “random numbers” cannot be truly random, it is important that they are as random as possible. Only then the casino games would be fair to use. To make this happen, casinos use highly sophisticated random digit generators.
A trusted and reputed online casino business always uses a certified random number generator. Although they are not a true number random generator, they have been checked and certified by gambling commissions or regulators to be in compliance with their requirement for randomness. Such a random digit generator gets an RNG (random number generator) certification. Online casinos which use such RNG certifications and display them to their players are correctly perceived as fair in their business approach. Hence, they attract seasoned players who are aware of such details.

Visual and Audio Effects of Games

It is the video and audio aspects of the games that make them truly exciting and entertaining for the gamblers. The best of the online casino businesses shower a great deal of attention to these two factors. They design their entire website on various pop culture themes to make them appealing to their audiences. This is reflected in their game animation and game sound effects. Even game developers understand this fact. They often have multiple games of similar kind, each feature a different pop culture theme, to appeal to different audiences. Online casinos must decide who their target segment is and use the game show sounds that appeal to that segment.

Online Casino Experience

There are 3 main things that contribute to the players’ experience on the online casino – user interface, games selection, and tournaments/adventures set by the casino.
The online casino design must be impeccable. The navigation must be fluid smooth and feel absolutely hassle-free for the users. You should also feature a large selection of popular and innovative games for your patrons. Your game selection must include everything from classic casino games to popular casino games to limited gamesthat are rare. The idea is to offer a complete all-round package to the users and allow them to enjoy their games the way they like them.
Lastly, the online casinos must feature secret layouts, missions, adventures, side quests, and tournaments that give players to be part of something more long-term than a 5-minute slots game. That’s how you get them to keep coming back for more.

Fantastic Bonuses and Advertisements

In the online casino industry, there is no running away from the casino bonuses. Online casinos must invest in welcome casino bonus to attract new players. The most attractive kind is the no deposit casino bonus. Players just love them. The only other kind that they love as much as them are the free casino slots bonuses. After all, they allow them to wager and win money without losing their own money.
By allocating impressive casino bonuses, online casinos can engage in a smartly designed casino advertising to attract new players. They must come up with innovative casino promotion ideas that advertise their huge bonuses as well as their splendid gaming experience. Only then they will achieve good results.

Final Words

In addition to all of these, a highly responsive casino customer service is singularly the most important factor that can keep the players happy and prevent their attrition. If the tech support team responds to their issues and fixes them on priority, then a supremely satisfied customer will never leave the online casino. What’s more, he’ll talk about your online casino with his friends and maybe even post great reviews about you online. That’s right, you also need to focus a good deal of attention on the websites where the players can post their online casino review. By controlling your image on those review sections, you can ensure that your casino is getting more reviews.
All of the things mentioned above are individually not a success secret. But, together, they are a formidable force. The best casinos know how to balance all of these to attract and retain the best players.
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DKNG place your bets please

TLDR: buy DKNG, 30% short term upside, 300% mid-long term upside, small market cap, meme stock potential (small cap, insane upside potential, wouldn't be surprised if FOMO kicks in), it's a fucking betting company - and you know how you gamblers are
why tf none of you gamblers are talking about this? anyway, DKNG is disgustingly undervalued (currently ~48$), and I can easily see 300% gains in next 2 years, and have 70$ target in mind in next 1-3 months
short term bullish
  1. united states are starting to legalize online sports betting, and are doing it fast one by one (last they did so in MI, they are launching in early 2021)
  2. 2020 was void of sports due to beer plague, and all big competitions (euro soccer, olympics etc) are moved to 2021, and 2022 is following immediately with world cup
  3. company still had great profits (i'm sure some - probably one or two of you - can read financial statements better than me, but what i have seen is pretty good)
long term bullish
  1. legalization in the US
  2. US is really young market compared to europe and asia, it's actually funny - there is so much space to grow it's insane
  3. management - guy that started this, could've cashed out a long time ago - but here he is, company has no debt, and is valued 20 bil during global pandemic when most of the sport was canceled, postponed etc, computer science and marketing major - golden ticket in this industry (lots of dinosaurs that still think retail betting - betshops, ssbt-s are a way to go
  4. clean balance sheet - 2.5 bil assets, 0.5 bil liabilities and no debt
been working in the online sports betting and online casino industry for the past 3 years, so i've got some insights on the topic
industry insight:
- average hold (how much the house keeps of each bet) is 7% for prematch (matches that you bet on before they begin)- average hold for live bets is around 11% (margins are insane here)- average return to player on casino games is around 95% (so 5% hold on each spin on online casino)- player retention is off the charts, average session duration of around 20 minutes- players that register and make deposit are not going anywhere, where they usually start betting, continue betting there for a long time (there are a few reasons for this, not sure how interested you are in this though)- acquisition cost per customer drops steadily more players you have- US has really just began embracing online sports betting market (huge upside potential)- increase in operations cost for each new player is negligible
wouldn't be surprised if this went to moon in the near future

edit: positions: shares, all 12 of em
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Casino Review - Why I Like To Play At Our Casino?

Casino Review - Why I Like To Play At Our Casino?
Online casino gambling is an entertaining experience not just because you can win some money. By playing free games, fun is a possibility without having to take the financial aspect into consideration. Before you start playing at an online casino you should search for the best online casino. People want the best in everything so why not here also? No one can tell you what the best online casino should be like because not everyone looks for the same things and has the same priorities. One might use the best odds and one might be impressed by great graphics. Before starting your online casino gambling episode you should consider everything very well.
Here are a few tips and tricks when look 우리카지노 (Our Casino) for an online casino. The best tip is to be very careful when Our a decision because you might regret it later. It’s better to spend a couple of minutes doing good research than rushing into things and losing money because of a stupid mistake. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Online casino gambling is not a joke and should be taken very seriously.
People try to take leave from the job to play casino games in a famous casino city. Often they don’t get it and that’s why needed to wait for a long time. No one gets enough time and money to spend on playing casino games because the job is the most important part of life. Casino lovers should play Our Casino casino site to enjoy the best time at the home.
Our Casino is also the same as the land-based casinos. The only difference is, players, don’t need to visit the casino. The casino itself comes to them in the form of well-developed websites, where players can invest the money in their favorite casino games and get a chance to win thousands of dollars on the same night. Many people are playing online roulette and enjoying their wins over many exotic online casino players.
The strategic approach of winning casino games remains the same when people play casino online. Every game works on reliable gaming programs, which offer random cards and numbers to every player. It is completely random that what card a player reviews and then he can decide that he wants to move ahead or not. It doesn’t require any extra expertise to play casino games online. The player needs to know how to play and how to use the features offered by online casinos and he is done.
Our Casino is a casino that offers a vast collection of casino games and offers incredible security of personal data and finance by using the best security system. Finding such a casino is not a very tough task; players can check the reviews of other players and decide. Many reliable casinos offering world-class gaming support for casino game lovers around the world. People are trying a new way of playing casino games and Our huge money at home.
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100 SPINS AT $250! ⚡World's Greatest Slot Player ... How To BANKRUPT The Casino In 20 Minutes On 1 Slot Machine ... GTA Online Casino Heist 2 PLAYER PERFECT STEALTH GUIDE (THE BIG CON, $2,427,000 ... Best Online Casinos USA 2020 [Update] - Best Online ... Best USA Online Casinos Best Online Casino For US Players ® What Are The Best ... GTA Online Casino Heist BIG CON DIAMONDS $3.700.000 with 4 ...

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100 SPINS AT $250! ⚡World's Greatest Slot Player ...

GTA Online Casino Heist BIG CON DIAMONDS $3.700.000 with 4 Players HARD with GRUPPE 6 (Easy Guide) This guide shows you the best way on how to complete the... Miami Club Casino is one of the most popular WGS Technology powered online casinos of today. US players who know about good bonuses know that they can be found at Miami Club Casino! Get fast and ... This is a guide and walk-through for The Big Con Gruppe Sechs approach in the GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist. This will show you how to get every bit of mon... 💲BONUS💲 Links in COMMENTS 👇🎰 👇🍒 Best online casinos for us players 2021 🥇 best real money online casinos usa 🇺🇸.In these betonline us casino ratings... Download The Big Jackpot app for more content and our very own Slot Machine game! Spins at $250 on Everyone's favorite game Lightning... Find fantastic bonus codes here: and turn on notifications to get the latest scoop on the best online casinos for USA players... GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist Finale - How to complete the "Silent & Sneaky" Heist Approach with 2 players in Hard difficulty with Elite Challenge, Un... Thanks for Watching How To BANKRUPT The Casino In 20 Minutes On 1 Slot Machine! Wonder 4 Boost Slot Machine W/ SDGuy1234! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love ...